Salem Woman's Service Club

Proud member of the GFWC ~ General Federation of Women's Clubs
and the OFWC ~ Oregon Federation of W​omen's Clubs
Serving Salem, Oregon since 1934
Calendar of  Upcom​ing Events
We hold our monthly meetings in our members' homes on the third Monday of every month, September through June.

We start at 6:30 for socializing and appetizers and at 7:00, we get down to business.  We report on old business and new, as we move forward on our annual projects.  In addition, each member can bring forth new ideas for community involvment and service.  

Guests are always welcome!  Feel free to co ntact us if you like to stop by and see what we're all about.  

Flip through the calendar to see other upcoming events.

Here are interesting events coming up in the near future: 

September is National Preparedness Month .  We have seen so many disasters strike recently... several huge hurricans, massive earthquakes, fires, floods.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, experts say it's just a matter of time until we have our own huge earthquake along the historically active Cascadia Subduction zone .  It's frightening.  Part of that fear is knowing that we may not be as prepared as we should be.  

We have a comprehensive, yet easy to use, list of what you'll need.  It is broken down into weekly items so that the cost is spread out and the task itself becomes much more manageable!  Keep your family and loved ones safe. 
You can download the PDF right here to get started!